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An adored cat deals gracefully with a jaw tumor while his owner quietly falls apart.

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Monday, January 30, 2006

In all his furry glory

Leo loving the sunshine, last Wednesday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Cyn,

My name is Mary, and my beautiful 18+ female feline has a tumor on her chin. It is painful for me to deal with this, yet this is all that I deal with, mostly. I've had a lot of cats to share life with and this one, well she is the sweetest of all. I found your story tonight, and I cry in my heart when I read what you and your cat Leo have been going through. They love us so much. And likewise, we love them too. If you want to talk, my email is

For the love of and for a feline,

9/07/2006 11:46 PM  

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