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Monday, February 13, 2006

Let's Get Clinical

For anyone who may be facing a similar problem with their cat, I have tried my best to show the extent of Leo's tumor with these closeups:

His left side, where the jaw tumor originated; a hard growth on his jawbone.

His right side -- over the past few weeks, the tumor has grown over and down under his chin, but isn't actually connected to the right jawbone.

This probably best shows the hard mass that starts under his chin and runs backward towards his throat. I suppose its shape is best described as an elongated egg.

A photo taken this morning -- he still looks pretty normal from this distance; handsome even, if you like a goatee.

I'll end with an informal product endorsement -- I picked up a tube of a product called Nutri-Cal at Petsmart this evening. Supposedly, it's a "High-Calorie Dietary Supplement" -- and I purchased it in the hopes of getting some extra calories into Leo since he hasn't been eating well the past few days.

I can't say if it will actually put any weight on him, but I can say that he really, really likes the taste (first ingredient listed: corn syrup; closely followed by malt syrup & cane molasses -- so I guess it's basically Mrs. Butterworth's for kitties. If Mrs. Butterworth's contained cod liver oil, that is.)


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