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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Day 8

I've stopped thinking that the Prednisone I got from the pharmacy was really Oil of Olay being passed off as medication. And I've also stopped thinking that this rubbing-in-the-ear-thing was a better way to medicate my particular cat.

Because Leo got just as pissed yesterday when I rubbed the goo on his ear as he does when I chuck a pill down his throat. Maybe it was cumulative kitty anger, because I have also been giving him twice daily eye droppersful of antibiotic. Yesterday morning was the last time for the antibiotic, at least I hope his infection won't return. So maybe if I'm only assaulting him once a day, it won't seem so bad.

Anyway, he seemed jumpy after the steroid application yesterday morning...He ran off and didn't want me to get near him. Which raised the question -- how do I feel about a treatment if it changes his personality so much that he doesn't seem to like me?

However, a half-hour later he sought me out and sat on my lap for some petting. But just for a minute or two, and then he was off. Normally, he would sleep most of the morning and be more active in the afternoon.

It took about 3 or 4 hours for him to un-hyper. Since then, he's been just great.

He ate every last morsel of food yesterday -- and I gave him about 30% more than his usual pre-tumor portion. That's significant because he's lost quite a bit of weight in the last two weeks. He was 11 pounds before this debacle, 10 pounds the day the tumor was diagnosed and I'd guess he'd lost another pound in the week that followed.

I didn't realize just how little he had been grooming himself recently until I picked him up this morning and he was back to him pre-tumor level of soft, silky clean.

So, at this point the prednisone gets a thumbs up. If you ignore the immediate post-application behavior, he seems to be the same cat I've known and loved for 12 years.

On the negative side, it may be my imagination but I think I'm seeing the beginning of a growth on the other side of Leo's face. His whiskers look puffed out on the right side.

But for now, I'm going to celebrate his return to normalcy and maybe even attempt a little try at normalcy myself today (as normal as I get anyway.)


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