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Monday, February 06, 2006

Day 14

Maybe I should have named this blog "The Wild Mouse" -- because this journey is starting to feel like a roller coaster ride, albeit a mild one.

Saturday night, Leo was acting a bit "off." And his bad breath seems to have returned. (I say "seems" because my only clue is that when I was rubbing the sides of his mouth -- he actually likes this -- some of his saliva got on my fingers and it smelled really nasty. Yeah, this is all kind of gross, sorry.)

Sunday morning, he didn't eat much. Then again, my lovely husband had fed Leo a flavor of food that he's not as fond of.

I gave the cat his Prednisone about 5:30 PM Sunday and it didn't seem to have any effect...he was just laying around, looking weary and old. His fur didn't seem to have been groomed recently.

I made mental plans to call the vet first thing Monday morning.

However, after eating his Sunday evening meal (9 PM) he really perked up. He wanted to play -- with his catnip rainbow, with the kids' fiber optic flashlight thingie, with string I trailed behind me. For about an hour, which is longer than he ever wanted to play pre-tumor.

And this morning, he came to wake me up at 6:40 AM, all perky and bright-eyed and feeling much cleaner.

My 6-year-old said, "Why does Leo's face get bigger and smaller again?" -- even she noticed that his chin had looked more swollen yesterday than it does this morning.

So, I suppose I'll hold off calling the vet...until the next roller coaster drop.


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