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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Day 23

Leo is not a happy cat today. He doesn't want to be held, but will purr when his head and back are scratched.

It's difficult to tell exactly what is bothering him, but I suppose it might be a recurrence of the oral infection he had a few weeks ago.

A call to the vet office...I tell the tech I'd rather not bring Leo in for an exam as I'm trying to limit his trauma at this point. The vet is consulted and I receive a new round of Clavamox (antibiotic)and a refill of his prednisone (trying tablets this time 'round.)

So...we'll see. Trying to be positive...

FYI - the Prednisone in tablet form is about 1/3 the cost of the transdermal gel. (Must take some very small pleasure in saving money at least.)

In the name of positivity, here's Leo doing a little bird watching Saturday.


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