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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Favorite Photo

After so many nasty photos of Leo lately, I wanted to post one of the guy I fell in love with. Well, actually the two guys I fell in love with -- one each of the human and feline varieties.

November 1993

This photo was taken when Leo was about 7 months old -- with some guy I'd been dating a couple of months giving me that intense-yet-sensitive look that no woman can resist.

Observe how that cat is draping himself all over that boyfriend! I couldn't help but trust my furry friend's approval and so I married the guy. (A cat's instincts are never wrong!)

Anyway, the way Leo was resting his head on Future Husband's shoulder is just sooooo Leo. He would just pour himself all over me or my husband -- I've heard the term "velcro" cat, and that applies to Mr. Leo. He always made you feel like he loved you more than anything, and was so comfortable being held.

When he would jump up on my lap he was never content to just sit there -- he had to put his front paws on my shoulders or chest and get his face all close to mine. (See Profile Photo.)

I use the past tense because it's not quite the same nowadays. Sometimes, yes, he is relaxed enough to stretch out all over me. But mostly, he will climb up on my torso when I'm lying down and lie down for a second...get up, turn around a couple times, lie back down again, knead for a few seconds...get up, lie down next to me...

It could be the medication or general discomfort.

But he does still enjoy attention and especially being held like a baby. (I don't think of him as my baby - let's just clarify that! He just has always liked being held that way. And when kitty makes his choice known, a good owner must go with it. )

Anyway, I just wanted to put a "happy" photo up - a reminder of why I have loved this cat (oh, and let's not forget the guy) for so long and so deeply.


Blogger Merujo said...

That's such a great photo - of both of your guys. I can see why you kept them both. ;-)

7/21/2006 4:52 PM  

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