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Monday, June 19, 2006

21 Weeks Post Diagnosis

We were away overnight this weekend, and I figured Leo would be okay alone for 24 hours. Hoped so anyway.

I gave him his medications right before we left, and mixed antibiotic into his food - two servings in a timer dish set to open up 12 hours apart.

When we returned Sunday evening, he was waiting by the door. Both sides of the timer dish were open, but he had barely touched either.

Still, he was very happy to see us (if purring is any indication) and very eager to eat the new food I dished out.

But he is so very, very thin. With his long fur, it's hard to tell by looking, but to pet him...he is mostly skin and bone.

He just seemed off today. I think the tumor got bigger. It definitely feels lumpier; instead of being a mostly smooth lump under his jaw, it has these hard nodules sprouting out. It may just be that without any body fat I can feel the bumpiness better...



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