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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Status Quo (CAUTION: Graphic Photo)

Leo has been doing very well since my last post -- at least in the sense that his behavior has been relatively normal and he appears to be pain-free.

However, the mucus-drool/bleeding has been constant and profuse. More drool than bleeding, although at least once a day the two are mixed.

My grade-school-age kids are actually afraid of him now (maybe grossed out is more accurate) even as I explain that he is still the same kitty inside, and he has an illness and can't help but drool.

It kind of breaks my heart to post photos of Leo in this state, but I want to illustrate his condition for other pet owners whose cats might be dealing with a similar oral tumor.

I find some irony in that he was always the most beautiful, gorgeous cat -- no one ever met him without commenting on his beauty. (He knew it too!)

And he gets this horrible tumor that has made him ugly in others' eyes. But I still see my same guy -- and the goo that covers not only his chin but often wets and mats his neck, chest, front legs and tail...well, it's incidental to me. Even as he smells like a used handkerchief!

Anyway, here he is this morning, just being his usual regal self and waiting for his servant (um, that would be me) to feed him.


I assure you that he is in absolutely no pain even though the drool is bloody. The camera's flash is the only reason his eyes are closed in the photo.


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