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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

14 weeks post-diagnosis & 4 days post-crisis

Hard to believe that 4 days ago I was thinking the end was near...

Leo is feeling GREAT -- he's been super-affectionate, jumping on my lap, lying on my stomach, purring madly. Basically acting like his former normal self.

The bloody spot on his chin seems to be scabbing up -- although last night I thought it looked brighter red again.

But his jaw is not swollen anymore (just the hard tumor and even that looks smaller, if that is possible.) He still has constant gooey pus-like drool (nice mental picture) although that is joined by clear thinner drool when he's being petted.

Saturday evening -- his left lower jaw (right side in photo) is very puffy, extending out past his upper jaw

Monday morning - less puffy

Tuesday morning - no lower jaw puff


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