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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Day 75, or 10 Weeks Post-diagnosis

I woke up this morning to find a blood-streaked thick drool coming out the front of Leo's mouth.

Quite surprising, since he has been doing so great for the past few days.

The Clindamycin (which he started Wednesday night) has worked much better than the previous antibiotics. And he LOVES the treat form, compounded by Stokes Pharmacy in Medford, NJ.

The Hills a/d food (RX food for weight gain) was also devoured with gusto. After eating only two cans he seemed almost hefty. Since the vet office only gave us three cans, I went back to the Fancy Feast last night, which he also gobbled up quickly.

So, I guess his previous lackluster eating wasn't really tiring of the Fancy Feast(as I had thought) but rather his mouth infection.

He was acting completely like his old self -- better than he had in weeks -- I had my shoulder-massaging lap cat back.

So, I'm kind of shocked about the blood. I thought I might have seen something like this late last night when I came downstairs and petted him briefly in the dark. But I wrote it off then to the darkness.

This morning, he ate (with gusto) almost all his food right away, so his mouth can't be bothering him too much. The bleeding did not reappear after he ate. At least not so far.

The other different thing is that previously his drool was always coming out the affected (left) side of his mouth, and this bloody stuff was coming out the front. I also noticed he had a dried bloody spot on his neck fur.

The vet did tell me he could start to have bleeding. I just wish I knew the mechanics of it...where exactly the blood was coming from...Leo didn't want to me touch his mouth when I picked him up after he ate, but that could have just been that he didn't want to be picked up in the first place.

Oh well. Just another slight dip in the roller coaster ride, I guess.


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