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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Day 41

I am such a liar.

The keyboard was probably still warm from my previous post when I started worrying again about Leo's not eating.

By Friday morning he was starting to look dehydrated. I weighed him (using my totally unscientific method) and he was down to 8.5 pounds from 10 pounds a few days earlier.

So, drastic measures were called for and I opened up a can of water-packed (people food) tuna.

Leo has never been allowed human food; in fact, he was on RX food for many of his 12+ years because of his tendency for urinary blockages. Not even allowed cat treats.

The tuna worked like magic -- he went crazy eating eat...I tried to mix it in with cat food and he worked hard to only eat the people-food.

I fed him two meals of tuna, but felt a bit guilty and worried that he would never eat cat food again after tasting the forbidden fruit (forbidden fish in this case.)

However, I had read on various bulletin boards about ill cats really loving Fancy Feast, so we picked up a few cans yesterday afternoon.

I don't know what is in that stuff ...but he loves it...three different flavors so far have been consumed with gusto.

He was back up to 9.5 pounds tonight, and sporting a rounder belly than I've felt in a long time. And he is happy as a pampered kitty can be (although a bit miffed that I refuse to feed him in little crystal dishes like they do in the Fancy Feast commercial.)

Plus, the swelling on the front of his chin went down completely - I can actually touch the front of his chin, maybe for the first time since this all started (the front has been varying degrees of soft/puffy even as the tumor that grows underneath his jaw is rock hard.) Can actually see the row of little teeth in the front of his mouth.

I have not noticed any of the thick drool lately either.

Figures, since he only has one day left of Clavamox antibiotic. Debating on whether to keep him on Clavamox continuously. I was ready to stop it completely a couple days ago when he wasn't eating. But now, I've got Fancy Feast in my corner -- at least until he tires of it.


Blogger Den said...

Love the new Leo pic. He looks very happy! :)

3/09/2006 9:42 AM  

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