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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Day 24

I've never been so glad to hear a cat meow at my bedroom door at 6:45 AM.

When Leo called to me through the door this morning, I knew he was feeling more like himself. ("Himself" being the cat that likes to wake us up every morning to remind us that it's time for his breakfast.)

Evidently, I was correct in assuming his utter misery on Tuesday and Wednesday morning was caused by an infection. A couple of doses of antibiotic later and I was able to hand feed him (last night at 11 PM) half a pouch of Whiskas "Poached Salmon in Sauce." Now I wonder how long the couch will smell slightly fishy...?

Not to say that he's once again spunky, energetic cat -- he has just been lying in a chair upstairs most of the day. But he responds to his name (which yesterday he would just ignore) and is amenable to being picked up and has been purring like a demon for me.

The jaw tumor's side protrusion has gotten much larger and rounder -- about the size of a small gumball. (That's in addition to the large downward/between jawbone part of the mass.) He has absolutely no problem with me touching the tumor area -- in fact, he offers the side of his face to me to rub. I suppose he is "lucky" in that it seems to be growing outward and not up into the inside of his mouth.

But I know it's all just a matter of time...there is no positive outcome here. Like trying to put put a forest fire with a watering can...sooner or later his problems won't be able to be fixed with a RX.

Mew! I'm awakened from my writing reverie by the feline man himself -- it's dinner time.


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