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Thursday, February 23, 2006

One Month Later

It was exactly a month ago that the vet called to say Leo's dental x-ray showed what looked like a tumor. His jawbone looked "gnarly," she said...

In the month since, he's had a few miserable days, a few mediocre days, and the rest have been pretty good.

Right now, he's doing great. And looking awfully cute.

For the past 5 days or so, he's seemed nearly normal -- affectionate, playful, and happy to have me as his petting slave. It's enough to send an owner into a serious case of denial.

Hasn't been eating great though. He seems hungry, but I think the actual process of eating is a bit difficult for him, so he just eats a little at a time. I've resorted to feeding him by hand nearly every day to make sure he gets a decent amount of food into his system.

Today is the last day of his latest antibiotic course -- and it could be that the Clavamox is upsetting his stomach a little, so we'll see if he eats more without that in his system.


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