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Monday, April 17, 2006

Return of the Happy Cat; 12 weeks post-diagnosis

Tilt your head to the right (for whatever reason, blogger won't upload this photo in the proper orientation) and you will see Leo displaying cat body language for "I'm feeling alright."

These photos were taken on Saturday. Since then he had a not-wanting-to-eat Easter morning, followed by a happy-to-eat-and-life-is-good Easter night and a ravenous Monday morning.

In other words, more of the same roller coaster.

But at least once during each day he's seemed like his former happy and relaxed self. And that's all I need.

The following photos show the current extent of his jaw tumor; although the contours just don't photograph all that well.

The above is Leo's favorite petting position (if he's not on lap, which he isn't for more than a few minutes a day.) When I start to pet him, he will immediately place his front leg over my arm -- like he's trying to hold me there...sometimes falling asleep in this position or with his face cupped in my other hand.

Even with this big nasty tumor, he still likes to have his chin and neck scratched.


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