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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Status Report

Saturday -- Leo's mouth continues to bleed throughout the day. He found a new spot to hang out -- curled on a bedroom low bureau in front of window all afternoon -- lots of spots of blood, including a clot, on the towel he was lying on.

Sunday -- no significant bleeding. Seemed to be feeling better. Ate all his food overnight Sunday into Monday.

Monday -- today marks 18 weeks post-diagnosis -- Leo meowed, meowed, meowed from 5:30 AM to wake me up. No noticeable bleeding all day long.

In the evening, I could not get him to swallow Baytril pill (he spit it out repeatedly and was fighting me. I thought I had finally gotten it down his throat as he sat still on my lap looking me in the eye for a full minute...I let him go and he shook his head, propelling the starting-to-dissolve pill out of his mouth.) So I gave up on the Baytril.

Tuesday -- Did not wake me up in the morning, but he was there when I opened the door. Vet office called and said to put him back on Clindamycin, which we started this evening. No bleeding today.

Late morning I couldn't find him in any of his regular spots. Called him and he came out from hiding under dining room chair. He didn't seem to be feeling bad, but he went back under the chair and stayed there all midday into evening.

At night, I mixed his leftover morning food with cat milk...he ate most of that mixture overnight (Tuesday into Wednesday) but only ate about half his regular evening food.

Wednesday Morning 9 AM -- Did not wake me up this morning, but was waiting at bedroom door. Seemed to be acting normal when I opened the door, but he had bright red bloody drool coming out left side of his mouth. Ate a little food - not much - drank a lot of water.

He came over to me when he heard the kids go out the door for the bus (his usual routine.) As usual, he wanted to be held up and watch the kids outside. He purred as usual.

After the bus left, we had a couple more short bouts of petting, scratching and purring (as I try to gently pick all the wet goo and dried clumps of goo out of his fur.)

Afterwards, he jumped out of my arms, took a nibble of food and drank more water. Then he disappeared to under the slipcover of a dining room chair -- which is where he is sleeping now, at 9:12 AM.

It's unusual for him to be sleeping in the dark as he did yesterday and is doing now. Normally he would be lying out in a sunbeam somewhere.

So, this may be a signal that we are starting down the final slope -- may be a sign that Leo has begun to give up the fight. I will follow his lead with a hope that the end will be a quiet fade and not a wicked battle.


Blogger Merujo said...

I will be thinking very good thoughts down here on the swamp. I hope that, if Leo's time is coming, it is, indeed a very easy and peaceful step.



5/31/2006 9:27 PM  

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